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Braybrook Primary Academy

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Assessment at Braybrook

‘Braybrook’s Approach to Assessment & Progress Tracking

in the new National Curriculum’

In the light of recent Government expectations, there has been a move away from the previous levelling systems used to judge the progress and attainment of children. Under the previous system, expectations would have been for a child in Yr 2 to achieve a ‘Level 2’ (Level 3 was above age related expectations) and a child in Yr 6 to achieve a ‘Level 4’ (Level 5 being above age related expectations). Now this is no longer the case!

As the Government have not sought to impose a single system for ongoing assessment, we, like many schools within the Peterborough Local Authority, have now implemented a system that can:

Give reliable information to parents about how their child, and their child’s school, is performing, help drive improvement for pupils and teachers and make sure the school is keeping up with external best practice and innovation’.


This has been developed to ensure that the data at pupil and whole school level is presented and recorded with clarity and consistency, while removing the more confusing elements of the previous system. Assessment should have a purpose at every level and for everyone involved. Through our new system:

  • Pupils will be given appropriate feedback 1:1 each term.

  • Teachers will continue to use assessment findings to inform their planning.

  • Teachers and leaders will continue to use data to quickly identify children who are under-achieving and to put in place appropriate support.

  • Parents should have a clear and accurate sense of their child’s achievement and progress.

  • Governors should be able to use data to ensure that the school is supporting pupils’ learning effectively.

  • School can provide data for inspection teams to show how children are performing.


Braybrook’s Assessment Tracking

To track pupil attainment we are now using a ‘banding’ system, which relates directly to the year group in which the child is working (e.g. ‘Band 2’ is Yr 2 expectations / ‘Band 5’ is Yr 5 expectations). Each year ‘Band’ has then been broken down into three steps; ‘Beginning’ (b) / ‘Working within’ (w) / ‘Secure’ (s). 

The three steps may be thought of in these terms:

Beginning: The pupil is beginning to achieve in areas of this band but there may be elements of the previous band which need consolidation.

Working within: The pupil is fully focused on learning within this band and is achieving well.

Secure: The pupil is confident in all areas of learning in this band and has met all learning expectations.

At the END of the year, the hope is that children will be ‘secure’ in the band which relates to their Yr group (e.g. a child in Yr 3 SHOULD be ‘3s’ , Yr 5 SHOULD be ‘5s’ and a child in Yr 2 SHOULD be ‘2s’ in reading, writing and maths to be ‘secure’ at age related expectations).


Given the raising of expectations in the new national curriculum, and the greater challenges presented to children in their learning, it is very likely that at the beginning of the year they will be BELOW age related expectations or working at the beginning of their band. However, we would hope that for the very large majority of children, they will be working securely within their own band BY THE END OF THE ACADEMIC YEAR.


As in previous years, we have created a report format for parents, which you will receive at the end of every term. The hope is that this will inform parent consultations after the October and February half-terms, when progress can be discussed and advice given as to how you might best support your child’s good progress at home. The format of this report is similar to that of last year’s, and will enable you to monitor your child’s progress and effort, in addition to other aspects relating to school, which we believe to be important.