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Braybrook Primary Academy

Reach for the stars!

Children's Views

In our most recent survey of children's views across our school, our pupils shared the reasons why they love our school and how we might better work together to be the 'best that we can be'.

Here are a selection of views of our school, from the children's perspective!


I love our school because . . .

                              'I like dress-up and dance day!'                                (Skye-Louise - Yr 1)

                     'You can earn your handwriting pen licence.'                     (Julia - Yr 2)

                                         'We work hard.'                                          (Alexander - Yr 2)

                             'The teachers make me feel safe.'                              (Lily - Yr 4)

                                  'It does not allow bullies.'                                     (Rajaa - Yr 4) 

        'It gives confidence to me to do stuff in and out of school.'                (Lily-Rose - Yr 4) 

                     'All of the staff are there when I need them.'                       (Leon - Yr 4)

            'Everybody is kind and I feel like it's my second home'                 (Sonia- Yr 4)

         'It teaches us things to help us get a job in our future life.'            (Elise - Yr 4)

          'The teachers are amazing and they help me in lessons.'               (Millie - Yr 5)

  'I know if I have anything to worry about it will be sorted out.'       (Kirsty - Yr 5)

   'There are lots of opportunities & responsibilities for the children.'      (Mark-Junior - Yr 5)

                            'It's very safe around the school.'                              (Daniela - Yr 5) 

               'I always know there will be someone I can talk to.'                (Sara - Yr 5) 

                    'We get treated when we are very good.'                     (Courtney - Yr 5) 

                      'Braybrook helps me on my English.'                         (Melania - Yr 5)

                'It has helped me to have a growth mindset.'                   (Daniel - Yr 6)

                               'I get the support I need.'                                   (Demi - Yr 6)

                   'The teachers encourage me to push myself.'                      (Sofia - Yr 6) 

       'I have learnt more here than at any of my past schools.'              (Micah - Yr 6)


Our school would be even better if . . .

                           'We could stay longer at school!'                            (Destinee - Yr 1)

                         'We came to school at the weekend.'                           (Daisy - Yr 1) 

                           'We had famous people come in.'                              (Diesel - Yr 2)

                         'The library was open more times.'                               (Luke - Yr 3) 

                           'There were more boy teachers.'                                (Nedas - Yr 4)

                                    'We had new books.'                                    (Scarlette - Yr 4)

                       'We can extend break to 20 minutes.'                            (William - Yr 5)

                    'We had more technology and faster logins.'                      (Ashbel - Yr 5) 

                       'The weather on sports day is just right.'                        (Joshua - Yr 5)

                     'There was a school newspaper and radio.'                       (Jasiu - Yr 6)