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Braybrook Primary Academy

Reach for the stars!


At Braybrook Primary Academy, we believe that the partnership between home and school is critical in supporting every child to succeed and in best preparing them for the challenges of Secondary School and life beyond.

Homework, whilst not statutory, plays an extremely important role in supporting your child; complementing their learning that is addressed in school, challenging and extending their opportunities to apply learning independently and promoting  the responsibility that will be required of them when moving on from primary school.

Homework is often raised as an issue by parents when questioned through surveys and, in our school along with many others, it is frequently raised as the biggest concern for parents. In previous surveys seeking your feedback, there have been differing views as to whether there is too much or too little homework, whether there is sufficient guidance for parents or not and issues relating to the time that families have to complete homework and its potential impact on family time.

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Since September 2016, we have been trialling a range of different approaches to homework across the school, with the primary focus being on reading, spelling and times tables facts.

However, now that we have received a sufficient response to our ‘Homework Questionnaire’, I am better able to share with you our findings and to inform you of our intentions for homework this academic year.


Of the 89 responses that we received:

  • 21% feel that there is too much homework.
  • 19% feel that there is too little homework.
  • 60% feel that the amount of homework is just right.

Other responses evidence that:

  • 52% feel that homework benefits their child.
  • 26% would prefer to just read.
  • 19% feel that it impacts negatively on family time.
  • 41% enjoy helping their child in their learning.
  • 17% would rather support their child through real life learning experiences and opportunities.
  • 61% of parents would rather have project type homework as compared to 39% who would not.
  • 60% of parents continue to feel that homework has benefited their child’s learning.


In the light of your views, we have decided that homework will be more formalised across the school and will include expectations for:    reading (as frequently as possible), a times table activity, a spelling investigation and a weekly reading comprehension or open ended maths investigation. 

We thank you, in advance, for your support in this.