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Braybrook Primary Academy

Reach for the stars!

January 2023

Ruby Class have had a very busy January!

Lunar New Year

Ruby Class had a wonderful time learning about the Lunar New Year as part of their People and Communities learning. We read the story of 'The Great Race' and learnt that each year was named after an animal. We made Chinese dragons using recycled materials, dressed up in traditional Chinese dress, practised the Chinese ribbon dance and even got to taste Chinese food. It was definitely a thumbs up from our little learners.


In September, we welcomed a baby into our home corner. We named him baby Lewis. We learnt all about how to look after a baby and what happens as a baby grows. This half term, we learnt how a baby is welcomed into the Christian faith. We invited Father Jeffery from the local church. Father Jeffery told us all about the special jobs he does at the church and showed us some things we might see if we went to the church. We enjoyed asking him lots of questions. Father Jeffery christened baby Lewis. We also made our own party food and enjoyed eating this during our christening party. 

And finally, here are our little poets in action. They selected their favourite poem that they had learnt earlier in the year and delivered this wonderful performance: