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Braybrook Primary Academy

Reach for the stars!


Staff at Braybrook Primary Academy take pride in their responsibility to ensure that all pupils learn to read fluently whilst also developing a love of reading.


Developing reading skills is a priority in all curriculum areas as well as in our discrete reading lessons. Our pupils have three discrete reading lessons per week in Early Years and Key Stage One. Pupils are provided with a closely matched book and each session has a clear focus; decoding, prosody or comprehension.

In Key Stage Two, pupils have a daily discrete reading lesson. These lessons are usually based on a text from the Reading Spine and use VIPERS to develop understanding of different question types.   

Reading Spine

We have developed a Reading Spine that contains a list of 'must reads' for each year group. This list of books provides pupils with exposure to a range of authors, genres and vocabulary. Teachers use this list of books to support the Reading and Writing curriculum as well as reading for pleasure. 

Developing a Love of Reading

We want all pupils to be enthused by reading and therefore provide a wealth of opportunities to help develop this love of reading. These include:

  • Inviting reading corners in every classroom
  • Regular opportunities to be read to
  • Daily access to Braybrook's library
  • Involvement in 'The Young Readers Programme'
  • Visits to Peterborough Library
  • Family reading sessions

Parent and Carer Involvement

We recognise the important role that parents and carers play in supporting their child to learn to read and therefore provide an invitation to 'Family Reading' sessions three times per week in Early Years and Key Stage One and once per week in Key Stage Two. We also open our school library, after school each day, to provide a warm and welcoming area for our families to enjoy reading.