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Braybrook Primary Academy

Reach for the stars!

aPRIL 2023

We started our new topic, 'Our Wonderful World,' in the most wonderful way! We had a delivery of 11 chick eggs and we were super excited. We looked at pictures of a chick developing from an embryo into a chick. We looked really carefully and tried to identify when the different parts of the chick developed. Through our reading, we learnt that our chicks only had 2 days before they would hatch. 

We learnt why we needed an incubator. We observed the eggs closely, looking for any signs of hatching. Once they had hatched, we gave the chicks names, our suggestions included, Bob, Fluffee, King, Queen and Fuzzy. We wrote these down and placed them in our suggestions box.






We had the opportunity to handle and feed the chicks. We learnt that although they could not fly, they sure did like to flap their wings!  


We kept a chick diary. Here we are in provision writing sentences about what we observed each day. 

After 2 weeks of looking after the chicks, we were very sad to see them go, however we know that they are happy in their new home and that makes us happy too. We are looking forward to learning more about our wonderful world as the term progresses.